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Our Team

Our team consists of 6 members, which three of them are in the Material Science Engineering department and the other three are majoring in Electrical Engineering. 

Latest Update

Weekly reports and upates are posted here. For more information, click here.



  • Characterize dielectric properties of nanoparticles in order to model their pyroelectri properties.

  • Produce uniform films of PVDF-TrFE using LB and spin-casting techniques.

  • Optimize pyroelectric properties of PVDF-TrFE films.

  • Make sure that most current through the circuit is due to pyroelectric effects, rather than noise or parasitic capacitance. 

  • Determine an optimal pyroelectric voltage and temperature change to maximize power production.

  • Attempt to blend pyroelectrics to produce a giant pyroelectric effect in thin films.

  • Thanks to our generous sponsor Peter Onstad that made our project possible!

Converting waste heat to electricity using pyroelectric (May 15-07)

For this project, our team are responsible of developing a pyroelectric energy harvester which basically coverts waste heat to electricity using functional organic materials.